Demo – Google Search Engine Optimization Half-Day Seminar

Demo video for the www.LondonWebFactory.Com training seminar – Google Search Engine Optimization. Learn Google search engine marketing. Learn how to setup key Google webmaster accounts, how to dissect the websites of your competitors, how to find the keywords and parameters they use, how to get your site above theirs in the search engine rankings, how to track new visitors and monitor the results of your campaigns.

Update 02/09/2011
PCTechRealm has pointed out that I should have covered “Match Types” and I agree. If you watch the video again you will notice that in the left hand column there is a box with three options labeled (Broad, Exact and Phrase). These are known as Pay Per Click matching options. At some point I’ll update the video but in the interim here is a link for anybody who would like to learn more about Pay Per Click matching options.

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