Why Is SEO Important For Your Small Business?


There are 3 reasons why you should consider SEO as an important marketing strategy for your small business.

Number 1: Search Engine Optimization gives the perception that you are the authority. When your business shows up on the first page, in the first position of Google, people who are not as savvy as you, will automatically believe that you are the best answer to their problem or their inquiry and that since you are the first result, or on the first page, that you are the authority on the matter.

It’s been said that people trust Google more than traditional media meaning your local and national network news.

Reason Number 2: It gives you maximum exposure. Statistics show that the number 1 position contains over 34% of the all the clicks in a query on Google and the number drops exponentially after that. This is by design. This is because Google has the goal to create a great user experience. They want their search results to be relevant and armed with this knowledge, there are ways you can make your site, or your party more relevant than others.

And if you are a Google adwords advertiser, once you stop paying, your ad stops showing. With organic SEO, you do the work once, and your website will continue to show up, depending on your niche, even after you have completed your work.

Reason Number 3: It doesn’t break the bank. SEO also gives your business exposure without breaking the bank. Millions of marketers will spend millions on Adwords, or the sponsored ads.

But heat maps and research has shown that the majority of the clicks by your honored guests are given to the organic searches. The FREE side of google.

This of course is an investment in your time, but the bottom line is pure profit in your business.

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~Mia DeBolt

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